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From essential equipment and camera basics to seamless implementation and effective lab communication, discover how stunning dental practice photos can redefine your professional journey while clarifying the world of color spaces.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional, this series offers a diverse range of courses that will empower you to excel in the world of dental esthetics.


Photography Courses Include:

1 Photography Why.png

Immerse yourself in the indispensable role of photography in esthetic dentistry. Explore its transformative power, personal growth, and its impact on marketing and patient education.

4 Photography Implementation.png

Establish a seamless workflow, delegate tasks, define and frame photos for operator and patient comfort, and ensure your practice consistently captures exceptional images.

2 Photography Equipment.png

Discover the must-have equipment for capturing breathtaking photos. Transform your workspace by selecting the perfect camera body, lens, and flash, and enhance your images with essential accessories.

5 Lab Communication .png

Effective communication with your lab is key. Discover shade selection techniques, essential photos for smile design, and how to convey unique patient characteristics to your lab.

3 Photography Settings.png

Dive into the exposure triangle to master camera settings for stunning shots, and learn flash settings to consistently achieve well-lit subjects in various clinical scenarios.

6 Understanding Color Spaces.png

Gain clarity on color spaces and their influence on image distribution. Strategically utilize specific color spaces, understanding their strengths and weaknesses. Present your photos in their most captivating and optimal form.

Photography Courses

Composite Courses Include:

1 Understanding Composite Color.png

Understand the role of composite color in mastering composite artistry. Simplify the shade selection process, uncovering influential factors, and gaining practical tips for predictable results.

4 Multilayer Technique.png

Master crafting multi-shaded composite teeth to match natural dentition and porcelain restorations. Explore the layering’s impact on translucency and opacity, and achieve maverick incisal third colors. Whether minimal or comprehensive, replicate natural layers with precision and artistry.

2 Single Shade.png

Become proficient in the art of the single shade technique, a precision-driven approach that allows you to focus solely on refining the contour and anatomy of the tooth—essential factors that greatly influence the success of your restoration.

5 Vertical Lobe.png

Discover the unique vertical lobe technique for replicating natural tooth hues, including internal bleach lobes and nuanced coloring. This technique bridges previous methods, enhancing your ability to create lifelike dental restorations.

3 Window Technique.png

Unlock the power of the window technique in composite artistry. Use just two shades or add tints for versatility. This method simplifies esthetic excellence, akin to lab technicians’ cut-back approach in porcelain restorations.

6 Diastema Closures.png

Learn matrix techniques for precise composite adaptation, preserving artistic finesse and balanced proportions in your restorations. Master diastema closures to enhance your cosmetic dentistry skills, creating confident and beautiful smiles.

7 Injection Mold.png

Explore the versatility of the injection mold technique for a range of patient treatment options. Use it strategically for budget considerations and within complex interdisciplinary care, enabling minimally invasive and conservative dentistry while preserving aesthetics and patient well-being.

Composite Courses
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