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"SEE Art Esthetics Dental Photography"
Learn New Ways to Get the Right Shot.

The power of photography enables us to express our art and show our patients the quality of dentistry they will receive, and the outcome they will have if they are a patient in our practice.


An invaluable tool. Learn simple and effective tips that you can implement immediately.

This book is designed for individuals seeking to grasp the fundamentals of dental photography and seamlessly integrate it into their daily workflows. It offers clinicians invaluable insights into the necessary equipment, camera configuration, and optimal workflow strategies tailored to their practice.


This comprehensive guide encompasses techniques for capturing intraoral images, portraits, and dental restorations, along with a thorough exploration of post-editing, organization, and management of dental photos.

What do dental professionals 
think about my book?

As someone who is far from an expert in photography; this book was amazing. Not only are Dr. Seay’s photos stunning, but I love her explanations on how to work your camera and create the same artistry. Easy to understand and beautiful to look at. Definitely recommend this book if you’re serious about learning dental photography!

5 Star Amazon Review – R.E

Dr. Seay has written a book that is stunning in its beauty with invaluable information for dentists looking to improve their photography. This is a one-of-a-kind book that would even be useful and helpful for anyone wanting to capture natural beauty for facial photography and headshots. Incredibly well done.

5 Star Amazon Review – W

Highly recommend this book which highlights the importance of photography in patient communication and treatment. Dr. Seay is an artist that has the ability to create connections with her patients through her photography. This book provides simple and effective tips that you can implement immediately. don’t be left out.

5 Star Amazon Review – B.A


Learn the fundamentals of photography, from choosing the correct equipment to selecting the accessories that can make a world of difference to your photos. It covers the tips and tricks that will take your photography from good to great.

Learn new ways to get the right shot.

“My hope is that by reading this book that you will also find ways for photography to help you as a clinician but most of all for you to discover your own inner artist”

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