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Composite Course Series


Elevate your skills in the art and science of composite restorations and achieve impeccable esthetic outcomes. 

Whether you aspire to create lifelike dental restorations, simplify your approach with the window technique, or explore the versatility of the injection mold, my courses provide the tools and insights you need to excel in the field of composite dentistry. 

Courses Include:

Standard Member Price: $399   Length: 1:10 mins  CE: 1 Credits

Understand the role of composite color in mastering composite artistry. Simplify the shade selection process, uncovering influential factors, and gaining practical tips for predictable results

Standard Member Price: $299   Length: 35 mins   CE: .5 Credits

Become proficient in the art of the single shade technique, a precision-driven approach that allows you to focus solely on refining the contour and anatomy of the tooth—essential factors that greatly influence the success of your restoration.

Standard Member Price: $399   Length: 50 mins  CE: .75 Credits

Unlock the power of the window technique in composite artistry. Use just two shades or add tints for versatility. This method simplifies esthetic excellence, akin to lab technicians’ cut-back approach in porcelain restorations.

Standard Member Price: $299    Length: 20 mins  CE: .25 Credits

Master crafting multi-shaded composite teeth to match natural dentition and porcelain restorations. Explore the layering’s impact on translucency and opacity, and achieve maverick incisal third colors. Whether minimal or comprehensive, replicate natural layers with precision and artistry.

Standard Member Price: $299  Length: 25 mins  CE: .25 Credits

Discover the unique vertical lobe technique for replicating natural tooth hues, including internal bleach lobes and nuanced coloring. This technique bridges previous methods, enhancing your ability to create lifelike dental restorations.

Standard Member Price: $299    Length: 40 mins  CE: .5 Credits

Learn matrix techniques for precise composite adaptation, preserving artistic finesse and balanced proportions in your restorations. Master diastema closures to enhance your cosmetic dentistry skills, creating confident and beautiful smiles.

Standard Price: $299  |  Length: 50 mins  .5 CE Credits

Explore the versatility of the injection mold technique for a range of patient treatment options. Use it strategically for budget considerations and within complex interdisciplinary care, enabling minimally invasive and conservative dentistry while preserving aesthetics and patient well-being.

Composite Course Series: $1,799

With a Standard Membership, you have the choice to either purchase courses individually or opt for the composite course series, which offers a savings of $420.00.

This Course Series in Included with Premium Membership

How does membership work? Here's a breakdown.

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Standard Membership offers the flexibility to purchase courses individually, but for those planning to watch all six courses in this series, I recommend either grabbing the bundle or elevating your experience to a Premium Membership.

With Premium Membership, you’ll unlock access to not only the photography courses but also the composite course series.
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