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Cross-Training Your Team: Empowering Team with Photography Skills

Team cross-training is a multifaceted concept, and in this discussion, I'll highlight the significant value it brings to your team when applied to photography. Initially, I assumed the sole responsibility for capturing photographs in our office. Armed with photography courses and extensive practice, I had the most experience with this subject. It seemed easier for me to handle it myself rather than explaining it to my team members.


However, as a realization dawned on me, I recognized that we are not just passionate practitioners; we are also business owners. Our focus should be on tasks that align with our unique qualifications and expertise. Photography, I discovered, is a skill that can be shared and delegated among team members.


Here's an overview of how we have implemented cross-training in my practice:

#1 Regular Team Training

Monthly team meetings include dedicated sessions to teach the fundamentals of photography, providing hands-on practice. This encompasses essential aspects such as proper camera usage, angle considerations, and lighting techniques. Empowering your team with the necessary knowledge and skills is crucial.

#2 Efficient Workflow Setup

Each operatory is now equipped with the necessary tools to streamline the photography workflow. Cameras are designated as Camera 1, 2, and 3 for easy communication and accessibility. This simplifies the process compared to using complex camera names.

#3 Dedicated Flash Systems

Each camera is fitted with a specific flash system, eliminating the need for constant assembly and disassembly. This time-saving approach ensures smooth patient appointments without unnecessary delays.

#4 Preparedness with Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are readily available in every operatory, ensuring quick replacements if a camera's battery runs low. This proactive measure prevents unnecessary disruptions, maintaining a seamless photography process.

#5 Comprehensive Retractor Selection

Each operatory is stocked with a variety of retractors, including metal, C-shaped, V-shaped, U-shaped, and modified retractors, along with mirrors and contrasters. This diverse selection guarantees consistent photos across different operatories, regardless of the team member handling the camera.


The positive outcomes of this approach have been remarkable. Empowering team members with photography knowledge and providing them with the right tools fosters a sense of ownership, significantly contributing to the practice's efficiency and success. Consider investing time in team training for photography. Ensure your workflow and physical spaces are equipped to facilitate photography in any room, with any team member. The results may pleasantly surprise you, demonstrating the potential for enhanced teamwork and operational efficiency within your practice.


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