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“I love Dr. Seay's and approach to dentistry. Being a member gives me access to a range of topics from planning and executing both straightforward to complex cases, deciding how many teeth to treat that meets provider and patient goals, to clinical pearls in color matching, photography, and much more. There's videos, there's case studies, published literature, checklists, etc. Having such a variety in learning methods/materials is so nice because of the flexibility it offers - if I only have 10-15 minutes there's videos or case studies that fit with what I have to give time wise.

It's awesome that all the live case discussions are recorded so you can re-watch them if you need to or if you can't attend a session. There's also some fun life stuff in there like recipes which look beyond tasty and a nice reminder we are all humans before dentists.”

Dr. Jessalyn Forell


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“What Dr. Seay is offering with SEAYWithin is truly unique. To be able to see in such great detail the thought process and approach behind different case types and clinical challenges has been enlightening and inspiring. The case discussions also add a dynamic element to the platform, allowing for even more opportunities to learn the nuances of treatment planning and execution. If you are wanting to improve your level of care in comprehensive and aesthetic dentistry SEAYWithin has what you are looking for.”

Dr. Ryan Schmidgall

“I am really enjoying being a member of SEAYWithin. Love the practical content regarding clinical tips that I can apply on a daily basis in my practice and that are easy to follow and implement. The monthly case discussions are very valuable, as we discuss different aspects of treatment planning such as esthetics, function and interdisciplinary care. I also enjoy the interactive group discussions with like minded colleagues!!”

Dr. Noemi Cruz-Orcutt

"When I found out Dr. Seay was developing a website for online course content, I signed up for membership immediately! I have attended several of Dr. Seay's courses and to say that she is a phenomenally gifted educator is an understatement. The online material is a wealth of information and I am blown away by the quality of the content as well. You can tell that she and her team have taken so much time to curate educational content and an online community that is very valuable and special. 


For someone who has taken several of Dr. Seay's courses in the past, the online material is a great way to refresh and review some of the concepts that were taught at the live courses, there's layers of new information being revealed, and new concepts that are uncovered, and I love the monthly case discussions because I can directly engage and ask questions for clarification. I also love the practical tips and checklists she has for the team and the practice applications that you can implement right away.


Dr. Seay is not only an amazing clinician and educator, but she is so humble, kind, and willing to share with us all her wisdom and pearls for clinical excellence. And she even has fun content like cooking/recipes. I love it! I am also hoping she will include her fashion tips in the future as well! I absolutely adore Dr. Seay. So very thankful to be a part of this community!! Thank you!”

Dr. Catherine B. Kim

“SEAYWithin is so much more than a ‘membership’ to me - instead, I find it as a fully comprehensive educational resource with endless access to clinical expertise and techniques. Amanda is incredible at breaking things down to a relatable science that we all understand, and her website offers just that and more. When we get a case in our office that we’re trying to move through, I love the availability of videos on the site that help navigate planning, workflow and clinical execution.


Considering we all have other life obligations outside of this career, it’s SO wonderful that the case presentations are recorded. Thank you Amanda, for providing your wealth of knowledge that's within reach for all practitioners.”

Dr. Anna Birch

"Seay Within has revolutionized my approach to cosmetic and functional dentistry, profoundly impacting the care I provide to my patients. Through Dr. Seay's meticulously curated resources, in-depth tutorials, and expert insights, I’ve gained invaluable knowledge and techniques that have elevated my practice to new heights. From mastering advanced cosmetic procedures to enhancing functional outcomes, membership has empowered me with the tools and confidence to deliver exceptional results, ultimately transforming the smiles and lives of my patients. Dr. Seay’s dedication to education and innovation is truly unparalleled, making her membership website an indispensable asset for any dentist committed to excellence in dental care."

Dr. Caitlin Embury

“I met Dr. Amanda Seay first in 2016. Since that time, I have seen her on multiple occasions in her role as an educator through her imP.R.E.S. courses. She is a true professional. She is passionate about dental excellence and willing to share her knowledge. Her communication skills are outstanding. 


I immediately embraced the opportunity to participate in her online and on-demand platform, SEAYWithin.  This format allows me to refer back to content when I need it and to participate in live case discussions. With Amanda’s expertise, I have been able to fine-tune what I do daily in my office and increase my confidence when dealing with complex cases.”

Dr. Caitilin Martini

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