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Photography Course Series

Unleash the power of photography in dentistry with this comprehensive course series.

From essential equipment and camera basics to seamless implementation and effective lab communication, discover how stunning dental practice photos can redefine your professional journey while clarifying the world of color spaces.


Courses Include:

Standard Member Price: $299.00   Length: 35 mins  CE Credits: .5 CE

Immerse yourself in the indispensable role of photography in esthetic dentistry. Explore its transformative power, personal growth, and its impact on marketing and patient education. Integrate photography into your daily practice for lasting improvements.

Standard Member Price: $299.00   Length: 35 mins  CE Credits: .5 CE

Dive into essential equipment for stunning dental photos. Optimize your workspace with the right camera body, lens, and flash. Elevate your photos with valuable accessories.

Standard Member Price: $299.00   Length: 35 mins  CE Credits: .5 CE

Delve into the exposure triangle and master camera settings for breathtaking shots. Learn flash settings to consistently achieve well-lit subjects in various clinical scenarios.

Standard Member Price: $315.00   Length: 40 mins  CE Credits: .5 CE

Effective photography goes beyond equipment. Establish a seamless workflow, delegate tasks, define and frame photos for operator and patient comfort, and ensure your practice consistently captures exceptional images.

Standard Member Price: $325.00   Length: 52 mins  CE Credits: .75 CE

Discover the cornerstone of esthetic dentistry through productive lab communication. Learn about shade selection, essential photos for smile design, and conveying unique patient characteristics to your lab.

Standard Member Price: $225.00   Length: 18 mins   CE Credits: .25 CE

Demystify color spaces and their impact on image distribution. Use specific color spaces strategically, knowing their advantages and disadvantages. Present your photos at their optimal and most compelling best.

Photography Course Series: $1,425.00

With a Standard Membership, you have the choice to either purchase courses individually or opt for the photography course series, which offers a savings of $337.00.

This course series is included with Premium Membership

How does membership work? Here's a breakdown.

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Standard Membership offers the flexibility to purchase courses individually, but for those planning to watch all six courses in this series, I recommend either grabbing the bundle or elevating your experience to a Premium Membership.

With Premium Membership, you’ll unlock access to not only the photography courses but also the composite course series.
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