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Gain a deep understanding of the role of composite color in achieving mastery in composite artistry. This course breaks down the intricate process of choosing composite shades, providing insights into the factors that shape our decisions and offering practical tips and tricks for ensuring predictability in shade selection.

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Standard Membership: 

You not only gain access to case presentations, clinical case tips, and more, but you also have the option to purchase courses either individually or as a series.


Premium Membership:

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  • Comprehensive Color Knowledge: Develop a comprehensive knowledge of composite colors, allowing you to make informed choices based on patient needs and clinical requirements.

  • Factors Impacting Shade Selection: Explore the various factors that influence shade selection, from tooth anatomy to lighting conditions, enabling you to make precise and predictable color choices.

  • Practical Tips and Techniques: Acquire a toolkit of practical tips and techniques that simplify the shade selection process, ensuring that you achieve consistent and aesthetically pleasing results in your composite artistry.

With Standard Membership you have the flexibility to purchase courses individually, but for those planning to watch all seven courses in the composite series, after joining, I recommend either purchasing the course series bundle or elevating your experience to a Premium Membership.


With Premium Membership, you’ll unlock access to not only the photography course series but also the composite course series.

How does membership work? Here's a breakdown.

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Composite Course Series: $1,799.00

With a Standard Membership, you have the choice to either purchase courses individually or opt for the composite course series, which offers a savings of $420.00.

Elevate your skills in the art and science of composite restorations and achieve impeccable esthetic outcomes. 

How does membership work? Here's a breakdown.


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