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Color Consistency.jpeg

Color Consistency

Methods to maintain color consistency when dealing with preps at varying positions and uneven ceramic thicknesses.

Ultra-Thin Veneers.jpeg

Ultra-Thin Veneers

This tip focuses on the restoration of two ultra-thin veneers, akin to contact lenses, with the goal of repairing a fracture without adding extra volume.

Planning for Four Veneers.jpeg

Planning for Four Veneers

See how planning for four veneers can help achieve ideal width and length proportions, even when dealing with less-than-ideal tissue heights, resulting in a beautiful outcome.

Implant Restoration Alongside a Veneer.jpeg

Implant Restoration Alongside a Veneer

This tip illustrates a single implant restoration alongside veneers and the adjustment of width and length proportions to create a balanced and harmonious appearance.

Unmasking Tooth Transformations.jpeg

Unmasking Tooth Transformations

This tip demonstrates how the removal of old restorations can unveil less-than-ideal tooth positions and preparations and offers guidance on ensuring a harmonious result.

Planning for Four Restorations.jpeg

Planning for Four Restorations

See how to strategize planning for four restorations with a second phase scheduled for the future.

Grasp Natural Tooth Morphology.jpeg

Grasp Natural Tooth Morphology

To craft exquisite composite restorations, it's crucial to grasp the natural tooth morphology, allowing us to elevate the smile to its finest form.

Canine Substitutions Present Esthetic Challenges.jpeg

Canine Substitutions Present Esthetic Challenges

Acceptable compromises must often be made; this tip discusses how we can strategize and get ready for these types of situations.

Achieve Consistent Color.jpeg

Achieve Consistent Color

Discover the secrets to achieving a consistent color when you have an implant restoration placed between veneers.

Implant Abutment Integration in Smile Makeover.jpeg

Implant Abutment Integration in Smile Makeover

Incorporating an existing implant abutment into a smile makeover, which encompasses crown lengthening and veneers, presents an interesting challenge and opportunity.

Managing Dark Tooth Challenges with Minimal Preparation.jpeg

Managing Dark Tooth Challenges with Minimal Preparation

This tip addresses the challenges that arise when dealing with a dark tooth while aiming to minimize tooth preparation.

Elevating Smiles with Virtually No-Prep Veneers.jpeg

Elevating Smiles with Virtually No-Prep Veneers

Discover how to elevate an already stunning smile with virtually no-prep veneers, enhancing ideal shapes and refining the smile design.

Precision in Tooth Reduction Assessment.jpeg

Precision in Tooth Reduction Assessment

Explore the art of minimal prep veneers and how to assess the right amount of tooth reduction for the perfect result.

Minimal Orthodontics.jpeg

Minimal Orthodontics

Transform your patient's smile with minimal orthodontic adjustments, using only four veneers, and a touch of crown lengthening.

Minimally Invasive Veneer Prep.jpeg

Minimally Invasive Veneer Prep

Achieve a desired smile design using orthodontics to prepare for minimally invasive veneers, minimizing the need for extensive tooth structure alteration.

Lengthen & Widen the Smile

This tip showcases the process of using aligners to add length and widen the smile, followed by the application of minimally invasive veneers for a stunning transformation.

Veneer Enhancement Opportunities with Aligners.jpeg

Veneer Enhancement Opportunities with Aligners

Utilize a few months of aligner treatment to reposition teeth, creating the opportunity for longer tooth display and enhanced results with veneers.

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Preparation in Seating Dental Restorations

Preparing for a case with significant bone and tissue defects, I emphasize key steps: using an implant seating index for precise abutment placement, stressing the importance of using a new screw for each seating. Also, I discuss custom shade tabs for lab communication and demonstrate my operating room organization method.

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