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Gain access to a wealth of knowledge about the core principles of cosmetic dentistry and photography, encompassing vital concepts, theories and fundamental ideas.


On-Demand Courses


& Networking

Elevate your photography & composite dentistry skills.

See case presentations, collaborate &

exchange ideas.

Get the latest advancements,

tips & techniques. 

Seay Within provides an exclusive glimpse into my dental practice, offering access to on-demand courses, clinical case studies, valuable tips, monthly case presentations, and a touch of non-dental fun, going beyond the world of dentistry.

With just a visual image, you can change the mindset of a patient and elicit emotion from both the subject and the photographer. It is art. It is dynamic. It is simple. It is complex.
It is powerful.

Photography Courses

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Explore the nuances of composite color selection, master precision techniques, and unlock the secrets to achieving impeccable esthetic outcomes. From single shade mastery to the innovative vertical lobe technique, each course is meticulously crafted to enhance your knowledge and expertise.

Composite Courses

Gain access to:

  • Photography On-Demand Courses

  • Composite On-Demand Courses

  • Clinical Tips & Cases

  • Case Presentations & Reviews

  • Office Pearls & Clinical Updates

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